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Traditional Bak Kwa

A highly sought after gift during Chinese New Year , and a popular snack through out the year in Singapore for its irresistible tantalizing taste.

Crocodile Meat Bak Kwa

Crocodile meat is low-fat, low cholesterol and contains high protein. BBQ crocodile meat is not only delicious , it is healthy, and well known to ease the suffering of asthma and coughing problems.

BBQ Lobster Meat Bak Kwa

BBQ lobster meat offers an innovative approach to the traditional bakwa ! It offers a refreshing seafood taste and is our unique bakwa product of Singapore .

Black Pepper Sauce

A tantalizing sauce with so much tenacity it makes the deserving signature dish of Singapore seafood ! Also goes well with prawns, steak, spaghetti etc.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste

A simple ready-to-cook recipe to enjoy the famous Hainanese chicken rice at home ! Excellent as seasoning for the Hainanese chicken too !

Satay Cashew Nuts

A clever fusion of satay sauce and cashew nuts hand fried to golden crispy brown, the outcome is simply heavenly ! Guaranteed to drive you nuts !

Garlic Shrimp

Custom fried by our senior chef using garlic, and other ingredients , it is excellent as a topping to enhance the taste of your home cooked dishes !

BBQ Turkey

BQ turkey has always been indispensable on a Christmas dinner table! Thus for this Christmas season we have launched BBQ turkey Bakwa! Irresistibly delicious, BBQ turkey bakwa is the new alternative to celebrate Christmas this year ! While stocks lasts !

Bah Kut Teh Spice

The Soup of Singapore ! This is the peppery style of pork rib spice, ground to powder and packed into sachet to make cooking easy in your own home !

Pure Sesame Oil

A product since 1948, pure sesame oil is well loved by housewives and chefs. Its unmistakable aromatic fragrance is the epitome of excruciatingly delicious fine Chinese dishes. Now come in plastic bottle for convenience.

Traditional BBQ Port

(5 individual pack slice)

Coffee Fusion Bak Kwa

(5 individual vacuum pack slice)

Traditional BBQ Beef

(4 individual vacuum pack slice)

Lobster Bak Kwa

(5 individual vacuum pack slice)

Musang King Durian Bak Kwa

(5 individual vacuum pack slice)

Crocodile Meat

(10 individual vacuum pack slice)

Musang King The Gold Standard of Durian

Musang King Freeze Dried Durian

Gold Salted Egg Fish skin

Gold Salted Egg Potato Crisps

Durian Nonya Kuih Lapis

Pandan Nonya Kuih Lapis