Our Products

Traditional Bak Kwa

A highly sought after gift during Chinese New Year , and a popular snack through out the year in Singapore for its irresistible tantalizing taste.

Crocodile Meat Bak Kwa

Crocodile meat is low-fat, low cholesterol and contains high protein. BBQ crocodile meat is not only delicious , it is healthy, and well known to ease the suffering of asthma and coughing problems.

BBQ Lobster Meat Bak Kwa

BBQ lobster meat offers an innovative approach to the traditional bakwa ! It offers a refreshing seafood taste and is our unique bakwa product of Singapore .

Black Pepper Sauce

A tantalizing sauce with so much tenacity it makes the deserving signature dish of Singapore seafood ! Also goes well with prawns, steak, spaghetti etc.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste

A simple ready-to-cook recipe to enjoy the famous Hainanese chicken rice at home ! Excellent as seasoning for the Hainanese chicken too !

Satay Cashew Nuts

A clever fusion of satay sauce and cashew nuts hand fried to golden crispy brown, the outcome is simply heavenly ! Guaranteed to drive you nuts !

Garlic Shrimp

Custom fried by our senior chef using garlic, and other ingredients , it is excellent as a topping to enhance the taste of your home cooked dishes !

BBQ Turkey

BQ turkey has always been indispensable on a Christmas dinner table! Thus for this Christmas season we have launched BBQ turkey Bakwa! Irresistibly delicious, BBQ turkey bakwa is the new alternative to celebrate Christmas this year ! While stocks lasts !