About Hu Zhen Long

TP973The brand name of Hu Zhen Long was established in 1948 by a father and son team, Mr. Hu Teng and his son Mr. Hu Qing Nian. They came to Singapore in the 1930’s from  Anxi, a town in Fujian province of China.  In 1948, they started manufacturing sesame oil, a native product from their ancestry home land. Their residence cum shop front and factory was at Jurong Road. The sesame oil was exported to Malaysia and distributed extensively to local provision shops all over Singapore island.  Due to the sincerity and honesty in doing business, the 100% pure sesame oil had gained the trust of consumers and became very popular in no time. It became the household name in Singapore, especially those post-partum women who had just delivered babies. The elder family members would use Wu Zhen Long’s sesame oil to cook all kind of meat and eggs for these new mothers during their confinement month, a well trusted brand they could not do without!


Mr. Hu Ching Lian married Madam Teo Moh Tan, who came from a Bakkwa (BBQ pork) family. Hence in 1972, Hu Zhen Long began manufacturing and offering Bakkwa to the consumers. At that time, tourists who visited Jurong Bird Park and the then Nanyang University in Jurong would invariably come to Hu Zhen Long to patronize the shop. Soon the business gained recognition and became well-known far and wide to tourists, especially tourists coming from Hong Kong.


In 1980, Hu Zhen Long was relocated to Clementi Town. By this time, the business was continued by the younger generation, Mr. Hu Qing Nian’s sons, Mr. Roy Aw and Mr. Simon Aw.  In order to satisfy the need of the growing clientele base, the Aw brothers expanded Hu Zhen Long’s product line. The convenient plastic bottled 100% pure sesame oil, traditional taste Bakkwa, chilli Bakkwa, lobster Bakkwa, dried beef and dried shrimp rolls are the most sought after products. These are the ideal gifts for friends and family during social visits and especially popular during Chinese New Year and festive seasons like Moon Cake Festival and Christmas.


In 1996, the business branched out to the current location in Chinatown. While the Clementi premises remains as the flagship and continues serving the growing customers, the additional location is to bring their products closer to tourists from all over the world, especially tourists from Hong Kong. They have enjoyed Hu Zhen Long’s fabulous Bakkwa since 1970’s and want to continue to savour the unique flavour of Hu Zhen Long’s Bakkwa. In recent years, ever increasing numbers of mainland Chinese tourists are patronizing Hu Zhen Long. They fell in love with the traditional tastes of Hu Zhen Long’s Bakkwa and local delicacies.


The décor of the shop is simple and traditional, with wooden display shelves and red banners with traditional motifs. Walking into the shop is a nostalgic experience like entering a shop of a bygone era.


As you walk along the display shelves in the shop, you can find full range of products on display,products such as preserved mangoes, dried durian , shrimp rolls, garlic shrimps, pork floss, instant coffee and tea, Chinese sausages, lemon cuttlefish, cuttlefish, anchovies, satay cashew nuts, Singapore laksa paste, sambal blachan…….. These are the nostalgic daily snacks that are sought after by Singaporeans.